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While Europe is facing currently big challenges caused by geopolitical tensions, high energy prices, rising inflation and disruption of supply chains, the public and private sector will have to focus in 2022 also jointly on the European Recovery helping to rebuild a post-COVID-19 Europe that will be greener, more digital and resilient.

Important growth and funding potential will be unlocked if banks and insurers are able to channel capital and risk efficiently between investors and savers to businesses and individuals. The EU should ensure a level playing field at both European and global level and recognise the European financial industry as a central player in the European economy.

The annual EFR report 2022 substantiates issues that are important for the European financial sector to play its role in the European Recovery and gives concrete recommendations under the themes:

  • Ensuring competitiveness of the European financial sector
  • Financing the transition to a sustainable European future
  • Investing in Europe and the role of the European financial sector

The EFR Members reiterate their unwavering commitment to continue supporting the European economy and their clients as they collectively did during the pandemic.

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