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Gender equality has long been part of EU policymaking and is at the forefront of the current European Commission’s attention. EFR Members support the EU’s policy agenda on gender equality. In general, we are in favour of regulatory policy which incentivises behavioural change, instead of prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach.

The  EFR Paper on Promoting Gender Equality in European Business aims to contribute to the debate by sharing its Member companies’ experiences and approaches, for the purpose of assisting and encouraging others and to support a broader dialogue between, and within, public and private sectors about the benefits of certain policy approaches and how to achieve them.

There is scope for increased action by European policy makers to drive engagement in order to achieve full gender equality in the workplace, in particular through public-private cooperation and increased transparency. In the Paper potential EU policy action are being addressed that are deemed necessary to support and/or complement firms’ efforts, for instance building up a knowledge base on the value of gender equality, and promoting the sharing of best practice and expertise between the public and private sectors.

The EFR has published a Paper with high-level messages as well as a longer Paper which elaborates more in-depth on the high-level messages.

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