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European Financial Services Round Table

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
EFR Report: The European Financial Services Landscape in 2016
In 2015 the slow recovery from the financial and economic crisis continued. For 2016 growth in developed economies such as the European Union is projected to strengthen somewhat, but this is tempered by lower growth in emerging market economies, while China's cooling economy might temper this low growth even more. And the European Union still faces underlying weaknesses as a result of the crisis and the low longer-term growth trends already experienced pre-crisis.

The European Financial Services Round Table (EFR), comprised of Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of international banks and insurers with headquarters in Europe, is committed to Europe and wants to contribute to the important debates about the key issues facing Europe and the choices faced by leading policy-makers.

Our new report: “The European Financial Services Landscape in 2016” summarises the main issues impacting the financial sector and key recommendations for how financial firms can help boost long-term growth, employment and competitiveness.

The focus on removing barriers to economy financing, supporting investment, a digital single market and decisive action on climate change are key issues. An important challenge for 2016 will be creating the right environment to enable investment and economic growth. The financial industry plays an important role in the European economy. Financial stability in the European area, regulatory coherence and certainty will be essential for the European Investment and growth agenda, since they are important factors in the decisions for investing.

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