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European Financial Services Round Table

Friday, February 24, 2017
EFR case studies showing commitment to the Paris Agreement

The financial sector fully recognises the importance of tackling climate change and is aiming to help to play a role in supporting Europe's transition to a low carbon economy.

Following the EFR statement in support of a strong, ambitious response to climate change before COP21 in November 2015 and the EFR call for a strong, ambitious implementation of the Paris Agreement in October 2016, we provide with the attached booklet EFR case studies showing why EFR companies care about climate change, their commitment and how they support the Sustainable Development Goals.

As EU policy-makers turn to deliver on their commitments, including by creating a sustainable finance strategy, the EFR booklet gives concrete examples of what we are doing as a sector already. We look forward to engaging further and working with EU policy-makers to deliver on these important agreements to the benefit of European citizens.

On 7 February 2017, the EFR co-hosted - together with MEP Dominique Riquet - a dinner-debate in the European Parliament in the context of the EP Intergroup on Long-Term Investment, under the title: 'EU Prudential Regulation: Balancing Growth Orientation, the Green Investment Agenda and Stability'. At this event, the booklet with EFR case studies has been handed out to all participants.