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European Financial Services Round Table

Michael Diekmann
Chairman of the Board of Management
Allianz SE

Michael Diekmann studied law and philosophy at Göttingen University in Germany. After graduating in 1982, he headed up his own publishing business, Diekmann/Thieme, which produced adventure travel books. He wrote and published his own book describing his experiences on canoe trips through the Canadian wilderness.

In 1988, he left Diekmann/Thieme and took a job with Allianz as executive assistant to the head of the company's Hamburg office. In 1990, he assumed leadership of the Hamburg Harburg Sales office, and moved from Head of the Hannover office (1991) to Head of Customer Relationship Manager in Munich (1993) to his role as member of the executive management, as well as Head of Sales for the region of North Rhein–Westphalia, in 1994. In 1996, he moved to Singapore to lead the Allianz Asia-Pacific region. Two years later, he was given a seat on the Allianz management board. In the Pacific, he turned losing subsidiaries into profitable businesses through acquisitions and the introduction of a new infrastructure and new pricing models. In 2002, Mr. Diekmann became the Head of all Allianz insurance businesses in the Americas. Since April 2003, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO of Allianz AG (since October 2006 Allianz SE).

Mr. Diekmann is Chairman of the boards at Allianz Deutschland AG and Allianz Global Investors AG. In addition to his responsibilities at Allianz, he is Deputy Chairman of the boards at Linde AG and BASF AG and a member of the board of Siemens AG. He is also on the boards of Allianz France S.A. and Allianz S.P.A.